by Vanity Mirror on January 9, 2013


The Plastik has some awesome new horns out!  I'm a big fan of the ribbons, they're fanceh.  Each pair comes with a Color and Pattern Hud for the ribbons, they aren't all just plain so you could have a lot of fun with the mixing and matching.  I was lazy and didn't find clothing to wear, so this is why I must mustache my nippuhls!  Head on down to The Beautiful Machine, go to the accessories dept and get a lil horneh!  K, that was corny…I admit it.

Al Vulo!- Polly*  Natural Cacoa
Aleria Collection//Seelie-Vintage
L.Fauna Lashes [Fluffy]
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan]
/Wasabi Pills/ Sybille2 Mesh Hair – Night shadow
Valus Horns *New Release!*

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