Tree Trimming Fiasco

by Vanity Mirror on December 8, 2012

Tree Trimming Fiasco

I very rarely have get togethers…okay, I never have them.  I'm just really not that social most of the time, so since I am on my own and fixing up my little plot of land for just me…I thought I'd invite some friends over to help trim the tree and just basically meet up and have a few giggles.  Giggles were had, indeed.  And spiked hot chocolate.  Possibly some groping, I'm not quite sure why there were body parts showing but hey…don't ask, don't tell!

It was actually a great time, although I'm fairly sure at least half of my guests ended up stone cold drunk. What can ya do? I blame Santa.

Tree Trimming Collage

Can you spot all the tipsy folks?  Those two sitting on the couch with the goofy grins?  That's the Raynier's (Chance and Gabby) and they are smashed at that point.  Never did help trim the tree, they were groping each other all night and I'm sure I saw a cleavage body shot at one point.  Invite them to every party, my friends.  They're a hoot.  Can you see Cryssie under the tree?  Oh, she was pretty sauced up as well, I think Misha was looking up her dress while she was stealth present stealing.  I'm not really sure how Maci's top slid over half her breast, but no one complained.  I think someone even took photos!  While I was scolding Cryssie for sneaking peeks at presents, Santa tried to help Athena put up a ball.  From what I understand, her backside was out for the world to see but poor Santa wasn't able to sneak a peek at that either 😛  and this is how you have a tree trimming party.  Invite over some nice, albiet perverted friends.  Serve some hot cocoa and turn a blind eye when someone adds liquor to it and basically watch the shenanagans unfold!  I had a blast, maybe next time we'll actually get that tree done?

Al Vulo!- Polly*  Natural Cacoa
.ID. Shine Eyes – Deep Gray
L.Fauna Fluffy Lashes
L.Fauna Dimples [Tan]
>TRUTH< Froukje – Espresso
U&R Dogs – Repetitor Necklace La Traviata Silver
Color.Me.H.O.F [Leather Skirt[Brown] *@ FaMESHed*
Color.Me.H.O.F [Retro Top[Black/white] *@ FaMESHed*
:::Sn@tch Carilon Tights
Leverocci – Embossed Leather Oxford Pumps
aDORKable Poses – Dork Family Christmas
oOo Studio – Cozy *Previous With Love Hunt Gift*

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Gabriella Allardyce December 9, 2012 at 1:10 pm

Had SO much fun!!  and I will freely admit to sharing Athena and Maci's parts with the world!!  *grins* thats what happens when they are so easily in view!   You throw a great party m' friend!  Thank you for having us! ♥


Anjelyc Morales December 9, 2012 at 2:58 pm

It was my pleasure! ♥ I had a blast, you all are crazy! I LIKE IT 😛


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