Toe Socks and a Freak Snowstorm

by Vanity Mirror on December 7, 2012

Toe Socks and a Freak Snowstorm

When I went to sleep last night, it was beautiful out.  It wasn't cold at all, was actually quite mild and nice.  So, no need for a hugely warm set of PJ's right?!  Slept like a dream, let me tell you what.  So, since I have no neighbors I could scurry on outside and grab the morning e-paper from my porch.  Of course, I slipped on my new mesh panda toe socks because I don't like to be barefoot outside.  This was not a good idea.  There is snow everywhere!  When did it get so cold?  Mother nature, you sneaky minx…I'm freezing my nips off now!  Time to run back inside :O

Toe Socks and a Freak Snowstorm - Collage

All of these adorable toe socks are available at The Arcade Gacha Event from NYU.  I was tempted to wear the skellies, but decided to keep it cute lol.  Make sure you get down to the Arcade and check these out as well as all the other available items.  I'm telling you, they're ridiculously addicting and CUTE.  I've said cute a lot and I don't care.  They totally are.

Al Vulo!- Polly*  Natural Cacoa
.ID. Shine Eyes – Deep Gray
L.Fauna Fluffy Lashes
L.Fauna Dimples [Tan]
/Wasabi Pills/Dominique
* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Polka Dot Nails, Black & white
:::Sn@tch Carilon Bottoms & Ruffles
NYU – Toe Socks Panda *@ The Arcade Gacha*
[VP] Vanity Poses – Custom Pose

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