The Valley

by Vanity Mirror on June 20, 2013

The Valley

Verone and Alessandra sittin on a prim
What's left to do but get a sim!?

The Valley 1

K, that was corny. Whatever. Alessandra has been neglecting her sleeping patterns, her friends and personal hygiene working on this sim. She's decorating, terraforming, brainstorming and it has all come out so beautifully.  It isn't quite done, but I wanted to show off some of the picturesque spots. I know I will be coming over and taking lots of blog pictures here.

The Valley 2

EPIA – Exery Pixel is Art will be set up here as well, which is why I did some sneaky camera angles for the time being as the main stores that will be on this sim are not quite finished as of yet. But for those of you that like taking location shots, this sim could become your new favorite place. There are so many little hidden spots to find and take absolutely adorable pics in. ♥

The Valley 3

The Valley will open soon, and I think Verone wanted to name it that because in true Valley Girl form, if Alessandra likes you enough to carry on a conversation she will say "like" about a billion times. How much she loves you is directly in line with how many times she says the word in any given conversation. She barely uses other words with me, so I'm feeling pretty loved 😛

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