Snowstorm Snuggles

by Vanity Mirror on December 17, 2012

 Snowstorm Snuggles

I had this superby vivid dream about a man I've started to get to know in SL.  In the dream, we're simply getting to know one another on a RL level.  I think once you start to imagine they could be a part of your life in some way, people just tend to float right into your subconscious.  Anyway, I love when its quiet outside and the snow is falling oh so soft and steadily.  This was happening in the dream, and it prompted me to create this pose. 

[VP] Mainstore

I also wanted to make something new to celebrate my new location in-world. I hope you will stop by and take a look! Tried to make it kind of cheerful and homey, and you can also demo some poses lol. Have a great week!

[VP] Vanity Poses Mainstore

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