I choose to fly

by Vanity Mirror on November 29, 2012

I choose to fly

Sometimes, I miss you.  I miss closeness.  Knowing someone is there that has my back, that wants me everyday and is supposed to need me.  But you clipped my wings.  You changed me, made me less than what I truly am.  I was stifled, cut off from the world that I loved.  While I loved you, I wanted to love everyone else as well.  Didn't want to share me, only wanted me for yourself.  Sometimes….sometimes that felt great.  That someone wanted me that much.  I don't think that's normal though.  Everyone wants friends, don't they?  Time to break away, to be me again.  Felt like you wanted to clip my wings, but me…I choose to embrace this life.  I choose to fly.

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