After such a great night

by Vanity Mirror on November 19, 2013

After such a great night...

I've had this recurring fantasy of us, and I thought I'd tell it to you but we never had the time to sit down and talk…like we used to. Interestingly enough, we met up last night to talk and somehow in the midst of the conversation we were to have, my fantasy became reality. That part where we kissed, and I ended up against the wall with my legs wrapped around you? Yep, that was in there. And since I thought I'd go with the dream, I grabbed your arms and pressed you down, underneath me where I could keep you where I needed…all the while feeling you inside me. The sensation of your hands along my back, your lips against my chest…I remember it all. Grunts, groans, moans traveled through the air like electricity and our bodies moved as if we were meant to meld as one. I'm sorrynotsorry about that puddle we made, my skin still tingles even though the shudders are long gone. Now, we have to part ways and get our day started. I hate to see you go, after such a great night…

Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 07 Rav
Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
IKON Ascension Eyes – Forest (M)
[Valiant] David Hat & Hair (Mono5) *Available @ FaMESHed – Nov*
Noodles – Moon of My Life Necklace
Noodles – My Sun & Stars Necklace
Noodles – Key to My Heart Silver
*HolliPocket*Drop Em' Sweety Panties-Coal
[MANDALA]UTAMARO bracelet/female/Sumi Black
Vanity Poses – Focus:Faces 5 *Gacha @ The Thrift Shop*



by Vanity Mirror on June 13, 2013


Jean skirts. I can never have too many; different colors, styles, lengths. YEP.  I love them, and Miseria has released their own line 😀 they are super cute, nice short length but not so short that your goodies come pouring out so that's always a good thing. I paired them with the solid versions of the (LaRoo) shoes at FaMESHed. I think it just gives it that little bit of naughty/nice appeal. The sock HUD is especially handy when you want to kick up your look a little bit. Happy Shopping ♥

Al Vulo!- Polly*  natural cacoa
MIEL – CHUM bracelet
[Miseria] Daisy Mini – Blasted (M) *New Release*
(LaRoo) Ellie Sock Pumps (Yellow) – S,M *Available @ FaMESHed*
[VP] Vanity Poses – Booty Poppin

Al Vulo!- Polly*  natural cacoa
MIEL – CHUM bracelet
[Miseria] Daisy Mini – Midnight (M) *New Release*
(LaRoo) Ellie Sock Pumps (Red) – S,M *Available @ FaMESHed*
[VP] Vanity Poses – Booty Poppin

Al Vulo!- Polly*  natural cacoa
MIEL – CHUM bracelet
[Miseria] Daisy Mini – Stone (M) *New Release*
(LaRoo) Ellie Sock Pumps (Gray) – S,M *Available @ FaMESHed*
[VP] Vanity Poses – Booty Poppin


I’ll paint the stars a new home

by Vanity Mirror on February 16, 2013

I'll paint the stars a new home

As time goes by, we all grow into who we want to be

Although we know we're not perfect we usually end up the perfect "we"

So I'll paint those stars I always see

A new home, let them remain completely

Shiny and free, lighting the way back to  the perfect me


Al Vulo!- Polly*  natural cacoa

.ID. Shine Eyes – Deep Gray

[e] Conclusion – Black 04

[MANDALA]SENJYU Earring daydream

MIEL RE TIE for girls *Past Group Gift*

SYSY's-Mesh-SPLASHdress- S – Vday2013 Group Gift

[HANDverk]Palette Purse.rose-colored

Di's Opera – With Poise 1 


Want Me

by Vanity Mirror on July 28, 2012

Want Me

When I first laid my eyes upon you
I knew right then and there you were the one
Eyes so deep, you send me melting
And then you smile as if to say, "oh yeah…"
But then you seemed to change your mind
You looked away like you were oh, so shy
Is the game you're playing hard to get?
Won't you tell me…ooh oooh…

Want Me

I'd like to know more than just your name
Did you come here alone? Or with someone?
If only you would open up…
and let me know just where you're coming from
Are you lookin for a new love?
Or does commitment seem to bring you down
Is that a look of yes or is it no?
Please don't tease me…


Want me, don't you want me?
To touch you…and to hold you tight
Don't you want me?  Like I want you
To kiss and…love all through the night

Al Vulo!- Polly*  natural cacoa
.ID. Mirror Eyes/Gray
>TRUTH< Adelaide – espresso
MIEL REGATTA DRESS – stripe bright XS *FLF Item*
MG – Ring – Gigi Shimmer Bow – Small – R

Al Vulo!- Polly*  natural cacoa
.ID. Mirror Eyes/Gray
>TRUTH< Adelaide – espresso
MIEL REGATTA DRESS – solid natural XS *FLF Item*
MG – Ring – Gigi Shimmer Bow – Small – R
Olive Juice – Heart your face


Champagne Kisses [52WOCC]

by Vanity Mirror on January 6, 2012

I caught myself thinking about him today.  Sometimes not even uncooperative snow shoes can't deter the memories that fight to creep back into my mind.  Determined not to trip over my own feet, I paused by a fence and found myself in a daze.  Its bittersweet, to know what you had and realize you needed to come to the conclusion that you didn't need it anymore.  There are good times and bad of course, but when the bad starts to outweigh the good its always a smart idea to decide if you really need it.  Tell yourself that over and over, and one day you believe it.  That helps to be strong enough to actually go through with it.  Wow…the stars in the sky are so pretty.  Who knew that pink looked so pretty cascaded over snow?  Ah well, time to keep moving!  Walking in these should be interesting…

To be honest, I think it was more of a stumble onto the bridge.  I didn't fall though!  Came close, but balance was maintained.  Watching the sun set is peaceful.  Sometimes, you just need to pause for a moment…and breathe.  Just breathe.  [ Someone Like You ]


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Champagne

::Savoir Faire Shapes ~ Jessica *NEW RELEASE*
[Al Vulo!] Miha Peach
L.Fauna 2.0 Tattoo [Bayonetta]
L.Fauna 2.0 Lashes [Fluffy]
.ID. Mirror Eyes/Gray
>TRUTH< Velvet – Crow
Kyoot Soft Resolution Top (Cream) [yeah, I took liberties w/the color.  SUE ME! LOL]
DeeTaleZ Grey Lowrider Jeans
Statique. – HOPE necklace (PCF Item)
MIEL Snow Shoes – Group Gift
Magnifique Poses – For Whatever Hunt Gift (3 single poses)



by Vanity Mirror on December 23, 2011

Usually I pride myself on getting Holiday shopping done early.  By the middle of December, I'm good.  This is not the case this year, and I found myself scrambling around trying to find gifts for friends today.  The only thing I can say in my defense is at least I didn't wait until tomorrow!  That's not much of a defense, though so I digress.  Stores are PACKED today, gifts are everywhere and so are last minute shoppers.  Hm…nice jeans.  That guy in the ad is hot…

Do you ever find yourself stripping while shopping?  I swear, the more people there are in a store the more I feel I'm having hot flashes or something!  Pulled off my sweater, and as I did this big bitch booty bumped me and *BLAM*…I hit the floor.  No excuse me, or nothing.  WHY, BABY JESUS WHY.  Thou shalt not clothesline bitches 2 days before Christmas!  The rudeness…let me tell you what.  My t-shirt?  Not a lie.  I'd rather be doing damn near anything else then being manhandled by people that are trying to clobber me and steal my bags.

I made it out alive, though!  Also, with stuff…some of it is even gifts for OTHER people 😀  Tossed on my new coat and bounced out this mofo with a quickness.  I absolutely am looking forward to getting home, trying on new goodies and sippin hot cocoa in the warmth of my own home.  I jotted that pushers name down, because after the holidays are over…oooh gurl…IT IS AWN

Merry Christmas, Everyone! ♥


Pic 1:

LAQ ~ Christmas gift 2011
Ebba [peach] (DB)

-Glam Affair-
Stella Eyes V2

Shag – Group Gift
Pretty Please – Scarlet

DeeTaleZ Tops Xmas Special
Snowman Sweater – 80L

Ear Candy Holiday Gift
silver Leaf Earring in Red

DeeTaleZ Mainstore
High Raise Jeans Deep Blue

Puddle Boots – Natural

TAKEOUT Bag Hold Poses (2)

Pic 2:

6T Mainstore / MP
I'd Rather be….(f) *FREEBIE*

<porcupine love>
crying over you. + blush

{Just a Pose} Mainstore
Black Friday Mob – On Yer Knees

Pic 3:

CheerNo Gift
Tricot Coat

TAKEOUT Bag Hold Poses (3)

**Pic 2 & 3 descriptions were small because I only added what I changed.  Most of the things I had on (hair, skin etc) were used in all the photos**


With Love, Again!

by Vanity Mirror on December 9, 2011

It's that time…well almost!  December 9th marks the first day of the With Love, Again Hunt.  Each hunt gift is a mere 10L and the worth is approximately 400L!  The hunt will go on through January 6th (Three King's Day!) so there is plenty of time to get out there and find everything you need.  The Chic Management site has a list of landmarks, some of which have hints in them as well so make sure you visit the site and get all that info.  Here are the pictures I've been able to take of some of the hunt gifts.  The parts of the descriptions that are bolded are part of the hunt.  Enjoy and Happy Hunting!

* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Cut-out Sweater Trio blank Canvass White
(CM) TightAss SKinny Jeans – Faded Black
[h] Winter Boots – Caramel
-Glam Affair- Monica Tan Skin
My own shape [all pics]
*BOOM* Love my eyes Liner and Mascara thick [all pics]
(Miriel) Standard Eyes
^;^CaTwA^;^ Maysa V3 Dark Night
aDORKable Poses Chill Dork Pack #7

* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Cut-out Sweater Trio Raven Black
(CM) TightAss Skinny Jeans
[h] Winter Boots
-Glam Affair- Monica Tan Skin
(Miriel) Standard Eyes
^;^CaTwA^;^ Maysa V3 Dark Night
aDORKable Poses Chill Dork Pack #5

* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Cut-out Sweater Trio Slate
(CM) TightAss Skinny Jeans
[h] Winter Boots
-Glam Affair- Monica Tan Skin
(Miriel) Standard Eyes
^;^CaTwA^;^ Maysa V3 Dark Night
aDORKable Poses Chill Dork Pack #9

The sweaters come in all 3 colors and option of hand cuffs or sleeves
Poses are a 10 pose pack w/mirrors included!

Peqe – Cozy Sweater/X-mas
d. Select Wool tights white
[h] Winter Boots – Rose
Al Vulo – Miha
>TRUTH< Snow Kitty Raven
aDORKable Poses Chill Dork Pack #6

:: PM :: Mara Set in Cherry
!Ohmai Asymmetry Bodysuit

[sYs] NOMAD – chapka
:[P]: VaeColl. – Winter1

MIEL MAKI Scarf – Linen
Al Vulo – Miha

Jack Spoon .knitted with <3
::69:: INTENSE – Black
:[P]: VaeColl. – Senn
Status Love7 Pose

Al Vulo – Miha

:[P]: Aleria; Sandcastle
[Plastik]VaeColl.-Fool (Hollyblooms)

.: Somnia :. Freakin' Dotty Bra & Panties {WR} Red
::Savoir Faire Shapes ~ Fiona for MM
!lamb. Breeze – Powder
STATUS Love Pose

:[P]: Aleria;Starfish

.: Somnia :. Freakin' Dotty Bra & Panties {W} Green
::Savoir Faire Shapes ~ Fiona for MM
!lamb. Breeze – Powder
Status Love15 Pose


Cyber Monday Cometh!

by Vanity Mirror on November 28, 2011

Hope everyone is resting up after all the maniacal Black Friday/Weekend shopping!  I didn't shop at all today, it was a day for rest and relaxation.  Also, it was a day for PLANNING.  When strategically shopping for Christmas online, there are some things to remember.  You have to make lists, remember sites ,what goes in which shopping cart.  Basically, its like work for goodness sake!  I'm all about organization so there are lists made, sites bookmarked and monies counted and accounted for. 

While resting today, this *BOOM* Boyfriend Tee came in handy, its sooo comfy around the skybox.  I don't remember when I got the slippers, just that they were a gacha item and I haven't seen them since which is a shame.  I'd have gotten all the colors by now.  This whole look is basically a mash-up of old and new items, just for fun and I hope everyone enjoys it 😛

If not…OH WELL! I had fun doing it!  Happy shopping tomorrow, if you are going the online route. <3

::Savoir Faire Shapes ~ Nora
[Al Vulo! Skin] [miha] Black 2
RAW HOUSE :: Evelyn [Blood Rot] (Depraved Spring Hunt)
moJo – Real Eyes – blue/green
::PM:: Prim Eyelashes Reloaded 2.0
*-GrungeInk-* Rocker Tattoo
*BOOM* Boyfriends Tee (Cherry)
[bellballs] My Bedtime Slippers – Grapeberry
Burroughs – Innocence Earrings
(Elate!) Bow Tie Ring (Prior Seasons Hunt)
MIEL BFF Ticker – Rust
[LAP] MS1 – Runway1

Pic Showing Tattoo:
*-GrungeInk-* Rocker Tattoo
~Blacklace~ TOSL Fall Hunt Bra & Boy Shorts


Happy 4th Rez Day to me…

by Vanity Mirror on September 29, 2011


Today is officially my 4th Rez Day, Anjelyc Morales was born 9/28/07.  I haven't always been in world, as I've explained before my computer couldn't handle SL so when i signed up I found that I couldn't actually use it for almost a year until I upgraded to my beloved Acer that I still miss to this day.  My shape is the same shape that I made back in '08 when I could finally see what the freak I was doing and I like it.  I don't change it unless I'm using a shape for a blog but that's just for the picture.  Rarely does Anjelyc look different, besides my changing skins on occasion.  What has changed, though is my views on a lot of things in SL.  When I first started blogging, I was passionate about everything.  I wanted to learn and soak up information.  People are always willing to give their opinion, but is it always genuine?  NO, it's not.  Someone can seem so wonderful and talented and then one day the blinders come off and I've been so taken aback by things I've realized that its unreal.  Being a blogger, you would think I knew all about templates lol but I had no idea until sometime last year that so many designers used them.  Honestly it makes me wonder a lot, I understand WHY people use them in a way but I never noticed such things.  I'll go back to that in a minute, first I want to talk about this first photo I posted.  The hair, skin and shoes were definitely not things that I owned back then but this outfit is the first thing that I bought with lindens.  I still think it's not bad.  Obviously, denim textures have come a long way since this outfit but still…not bad.  I was very proud of what I had spent my…I dunno I think it was 150L$?  That was for both pieces and I had horrendous blingy black heels that I chucked as soon as I cammed myself and saw the outfit as a whole.  Little did I know that one day the creator of this little number, Aeris Pinazzo…would become my confidant…my best friend, and someone that I care immensely about both in RL and in SL.


I had a job in RL, and had just started to get to know Gio within SL so I thought I'd get a little non-invasive job in SL so I didn't have to upload my RL money to shop.  I wanted desperately to make my avatar better looking, and had no idea where to start.  When I bought my first lil outfit, I was invited to the *Mythology* group which turned out to be a blessing in disguise that I accepted.  I didn't know how to do ANYTHING in-world but I was willing to learn.  Aeris posted a job offer to be a group manager, and I applied.  Trust me, I made sure she knew I was a total mess that didn't actually know how to do much.  She accepted, taught me what she wanted me to know and off we were!  She gave me lots of clothing goodies, so I was wearing her stuff everyday.  Her avatar was so cute, and she took me skin shopping once and hair also.  We cleaned up shop at the 50% off Truth Hair Sale.  I was learning how to invite people to groups, how to use scripts…set up vendors and help customers while I was at the store with prim adjustments and the like.  It got to where I was just hanging out at the store all the time, helping out when I didn't need to be there.  This outfit was absolutely the most popular item for a long time at Mythology, Aeris has always had serious lady wood for aqua tones.  After a short time, Aeris decided to re-brand and make the name of the store ::MYTH:: instead of *Mythology*.  So much work went into that, but with it came a new level of awesome to her clothing making.  She branched out, did better denim…more sculpts, brighter bold colors.  I was proud to be a teenie part of her SLife, and happy that she allowed me to be.


Things got a little gully at some point, Gio and I decided to try to bring our SLives into reality and meet.  I moved to california, got a family that didn't want me and a pregnancy that I wanted desperately.  It wasn't meant to be, and i miscarried in my 2nd trimester.  I was sad, depressed, lonely and missing home so badly.  This was also around the time my beloved Acer no longer worked, due to Gio's daughter breaking it in such a way that it was pretty much unfixable.  I didn't have the money to replace it, so I was away from SL for almost a year.  In that time, Aeris and ::MYTH:: continued to grow and she had some hard times as well.  She missed me, and I was all excited to hear that lol.  I missed her too, and all the fun we would have in SL together.  Her creations continued to get better and better, her drawing skill growing by leaps and bounds.  Accusations of copying people, 'popular' types, models…taking advantage of her good nature and desire to fit in.  I was so angry at everything she went through, and mad that I couldn't do anything to prevent it or make it better when I was able to come back.  After awhile I got pregnant again, and after a draining complicated pregnancy I had the love of my life…my son.  I got a new laptop, and helped Aeris close MYTH.    To see her designs making someone else famous hurts my heart, but that is the nature of the biz I guess.  It still saddens me to this day, that she worked so hard and learned so much just to have it all go away.  So disheartened by the lies people will tell you just to make you think they're more powerful then they really are…it wasn't worth it anymore.  I understood, and I still do…but I'm still angry about it.  If you're going to be in SL bragging on your worth, make damn sure you're about something.

On again, off again…friends came and went and so have jobs.  The thing I'm most grateful for is finding *Mythology* and that leading to my friendship with Aeris.  Even though she's not online much anymore I'll consider her a true friend always.  At times, we all become so cynical about finding a truly real person on Second Life.  I know who I am and I never try to be anything else, so when someone shows that back to me it's pretty much the awesome.  Second life is a big, beautiful virtual existence where we can do so very much.  Embrace it, put yourself out there on occasion.  To live life is to get hurt…but that one rare occasion you find a diamond in the rough can make up for all the sorrow of the past.  After 4 years on Second Life, I found my soul mate…and my best friend. 


Pic 1:

*Mythology* Jean Skirt & Satin Corset
Pose – Estetica: and I miss you
Truth – Agnes 3 Streaked

Pic 2:

*Mythology* Highrise Outfit
Estetica: Immaculate Dream
Truth – Paige

Pic 3:

*Mythology* Feather Boa in Pink
::MYTH:: Sailor Shorts in Black
Estetica: Leave in Silence
Truth – Kami Streaked

Pic 4:

::MYTH:: HighRise Jean Skirt in Navy
::MYTH:: Mini Pocket Tee in Yella
MIEL Puddle Boots – Bright
estetica: lie to me
Truth – Cindy

::MYTH:: on Marketplace


What the…

by Vanity Mirror on July 5, 2011

As if we almost all didn't know lol, Truth District opened a couple days ago.  It was pandemonium, I tell ya…total craziness.  Was I there? Hells to the no, I read the group chat and that was enough to let me know I needed to backspace on that one.  I didn't go to HF either but in my defense, I never go the first couple days.  I don't do well walking against the current of lag, so better to be patient and in the meantime I check out everyone's blogs and see what they found lol.  Hair Fair specific posts aren't really me, I do use hair I get there in future posts though so its all love.  Most designers stick the styles in their stores eventually so they will be found at some point!

Being that today is the 4th, I thought this would be a good day to try out Truth District.  I was awesomely correct, I was rezzing the lag was minimal and I found many fun things to take home with me.  While I was scoping the scene, I came across DCNY and while I know that it had been taken over or something? by Anessa Stine it seems that I failed to take notice of how sexy it had gotten around there since the last time I had gone!  I saw this dress from the doorway and MAY or may not have knocked someone out of the way to get closer.  TaDa!  The DCNY_Stretch Corset Dress in Cerise.  It's PINK, well cerise but basically pink lol!  Hello, I rarely purchase & wear pink and there was in fact 2 shades of blue as well but omg I just loved it.  So I bought it lol, and took it home with the rest of the goodies!  The hair in the photo is also a gift, the Becky style which was set out at the >TRUTH<  spot.

Those hot like fire shoes I put on are the Troupe Shoes in Bright from MIEL , as is the CHUM Bracelet I have on.  Miel is really bringing the sexy to the sculpts lately and I can't get enough of the accessories he's giving to us.  I believe this is the Razz shade, the shoes have options for so many color combinations so definitely worth it to pick those up.  The poses I used for the photos were all from the 'Long Hair' pack that Glitterati had out as a gift at TD as well.  What can I say?  It's the 4th of July, I had some good food and giggles with my guys so all in all it was a good day!  Got to see the TD, some gifties and a new smexy dress.  The day is full of win 😀