52 weeks of Color Challenge

Coral Crush [52WOCC]

by Vanity Mirror on January 9, 2012

Coral.  It's close enough to pink for me to know that I didn't own it.  I'm not big on the pink (sorry!) things, so just for kicks I did a search to see what I could find that was specifically colored coral.  Some hair…nope!  I love my dark hair, so that was out and then when I was about to hit MP and find something a group gift came through!  Cue church choir, please.  Hucci has a new shoe release, and the group gift is what? CORAL.  Hell to the yes, so its all about the shoes today as you can see.  Minimal clothing was searched for in an effort to create this photo but I like it 😛 the detail on the shoes are so fab.  I don't wear mesh often, but when its done like this how can you not?  Side note, look at me doing the challenge early in the week…its like a sign of impending doom or something.  Stop looking at my toosh! 


52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Coral

::Savoir Faire Shapes ~ Jessica [slightly mod'd]
[Al Vulo!] Elena Sunkissed
.ID. Mirror Eyes Gray
>TRUTH< Leesa 2 Crow w/hairbase
DeeTaleZ glossy lips natural
L.Fauna 2.0 Tattoo [Bayonetta]
L.Fauna 2.0 Tattoo [Fluffy Lashes]
.:CoLL:. The Warrior's Way
::TB:: Black Star Tats
*HolliPocket* Drop Em' Sweety Panties-Pastel Pink
::HH:: Hucci D"Ann Pump Ltd Edition Coral *Group Gift* MESH
[MANDALA]:SENJYU Earrings Black Hole small
Helamiyo Shoes Poses


Champagne Kisses [52WOCC]

by Vanity Mirror on January 6, 2012

I caught myself thinking about him today.  Sometimes not even uncooperative snow shoes can't deter the memories that fight to creep back into my mind.  Determined not to trip over my own feet, I paused by a fence and found myself in a daze.  Its bittersweet, to know what you had and realize you needed to come to the conclusion that you didn't need it anymore.  There are good times and bad of course, but when the bad starts to outweigh the good its always a smart idea to decide if you really need it.  Tell yourself that over and over, and one day you believe it.  That helps to be strong enough to actually go through with it.  Wow…the stars in the sky are so pretty.  Who knew that pink looked so pretty cascaded over snow?  Ah well, time to keep moving!  Walking in these should be interesting…

To be honest, I think it was more of a stumble onto the bridge.  I didn't fall though!  Came close, but balance was maintained.  Watching the sun set is peaceful.  Sometimes, you just need to pause for a moment…and breathe.  Just breathe.  [ Someone Like You ]


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Champagne

::Savoir Faire Shapes ~ Jessica *NEW RELEASE*
[Al Vulo!] Miha Peach
L.Fauna 2.0 Tattoo [Bayonetta]
L.Fauna 2.0 Lashes [Fluffy]
.ID. Mirror Eyes/Gray
>TRUTH< Velvet – Crow
Kyoot Soft Resolution Top (Cream) [yeah, I took liberties w/the color.  SUE ME! LOL]
DeeTaleZ Grey Lowrider Jeans
Statique. – HOPE necklace (PCF Item)
MIEL Snow Shoes – Group Gift
Magnifique Poses – For Whatever Hunt Gift (3 single poses)


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Pink

by Vanity Mirror on May 15, 2011

I am a slacker of epic proportions with these challenges.  I think the last color I did was white [hangs head in shame!].  Don't lynch me, I've been sooo busy and RL has been nuts too!  Seeee you can't get mad when there's all that going on right?  Ok so I love to find new interesting stores and I am so not a fan of pink so this became a hard thing to think of.  Lately I've been thinking I wanted to be a bit more edgy but this picture really didn't come out as hardcore as I had originally planned.  I did do the nekkid thing though, and I think these pink ruffle flats are adorable.  The dress is also from the same location, and there are so many different colors available.  (They have orange shades for men AND women, hint-hint for next week lol).  So where is it from?  A cute little store that is new to the Hide & Seek sim.  We all know by now I have a love affair with Olive Juice poses, and this store is right on the next plot from there.  The jeans for men and women are fantastic, in case anyone else is a jean fanatic.  They make the toosh look good enough to nibble….the women's version as well! Bwahahah 😀 It's called  (Cracked Mirror) so should you all be stumped for a color one day, stop by.  Some great, colorful shades available and when I went there was a couple hot guys there too so hey, mingle…shop LOL whateverrrr!

Happy Birthday, Luna! She picked pink as her color for this week (ick! lol) and her picture is adorable!!  Yay for the challenge, I can't believe it's almost done *sigh*

P.S – The poses are from *EverGlow* and NSA


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Teal

by Vanity Mirror on February 22, 2011

Ok let me first say that I own nearly nothing that is teal.  Therefore, I had to shop.  So I thought about what kind of look I wanted and usually I am very frilly and girly walking around in-world.  This time, I wanted a little sexy rocker chick mixed with cute lol, how'd I do?!  My wifey for lifey Aeris, she loves teal!  I should find out how much she actually wears though lol.  I found next to nothing, but I do know I own an insane amount of black.  I got a new release notice from paper.doll so I checked if my new friendly Zoey was online so I could ask her if she had anything new that was teal.  I was ready to shop and armed with someone to drag along with me for opinions and co-dependent spending.   My partner in crime logged off!  I was ready to search and destroy I tell ya, but I went anyway lol.  Zoey GIVES me a new dress of hers which is so super cute I could die how perfect it was and I gave her a lil heck for not letting me buy it :P but she's such a sweetie so I said Thank you because that was very generous of her and decided to run home and take some pictures. 



Then,  I couldn't decide on hair.  I went back to the store and flew over to Raw House and got this kickass hairstyle.  Cool right?  The hair base, I wish I could have zoomed in better but I wanted the full effect of the swoop on the hair!  It's from White Widow and anyone that knows me knows that I am a super music freak.  The hair base has music notes and a staff and all this awesome stuff designed into it so I said ok…this look was meant to be.  The amazing poses were a blogger gift from {Just a Pose} and they are from the 'Back it up' pack that I got just the other day.  It all just fell together!  And thus, this weeks Color Challenge was born!



52 Weeks of Color Challenge : Red!

by Vanity Mirror on February 14, 2011

Fishy Strawberry is having a sale!!!  Did I yell? Ooh sorry.  But ok, Valentine's Day is upon us and Fishy Strawberry has a bunch of Red and Pink items on sale for only 50L!  I bought so much, its horrible the lack of control I have sometimes.  Oh well, works great for my blogging!  It was so convenient that the color challenge is red *cough* lol and I am able to do a fun filled red blog and let my fellow fashion freaks out there know about an amazing sale.  The lingerie was on sale too, at 50% off!  Both pictures have my lovely Dernier Cri hair, and Similar Footwear shoes.  I also used my cStar skin Audrey, because it has super nice red lips and some more Olive Juice poses from my semi-recent spree over there.



These last two things aren't red but I can't help showing the things  bought at the sale because I think I THINK everyone should go check it out.  If you have, feel free to go again there might be something left there that you missed! What can I say?  I absolutely luv a good sale and spreading the word as well.   The best time to lose control and buy up everything is when they aren't at the regular price!  Oh, and the poses for these pictures are from Glitterati, the Model Pose Pack 15. LOL going to come down from my Grammy high now and check out all of the wonderful color challenge blogs up so far!  Have a fantastical Valentine's Day, everyone! <3 Spread luv

Fishy Strawberry Mainstore


52 Weeks of Color Challenge : Black

by Vanity Mirror on February 12, 2011


WOW.  You would think this would be easy, but I have so much in black that I like that it ended up being a slight bit of torture lol.  At the end of the day, I had to do some magic and come up with something I think is pretty awesome.  [sYs] has a new mainstore now and when they were opening, had a great event to showcase some new designs.  The new dress that I got from the lovely Syane Cisse is so nice, and went really well with the new boot release from Similar.  The boots are called Desdemona and can be worn as ankle boots, knee boots and thigh boots.  There is also an option for a little bat emblem on the front for Vampire RP'ers or just anyone that likes bats lol.  I wear them as ankle boots with the dress and I dunno, I think it's adorable!  Plus this high messy bun from Heart Softens, I mean really how cute is that?  This incredibly glam skin was made by my photographer lol, NyuNyu dabbles in alot of different areas.  The skin and some of her clothing designs can be found at the Maritima Mall!   I highly suggest picking up something from one or all of these stores!  And if you come to Similar, you might see me lurking!  Oh! Welcome to my new page! My kickass best friend on SL ever helped me create a site [by that I mean she mostly did it all herself!] for me to ramble on and do fun cutesy things whenever I want! P.S. – This loverly photo was taken for me by the awesomely disorganized and talented NyuNyu Kimono! LOL xo


   [sYs] Mainstore


52 Weeks of Color Challenge : Emerald

by Vanity Mirror on January 30, 2011

I was a total slacker last week and didn't get a chance to do the challenge! Bah! But I made sure I did it with time left this time around so that I wouldn't be a loser yet again lol.  So, I was thinking what I would do for emerald and I thought about doing jewelry.  In the end, I got a note card that Elate! is having and anniversary sale and everything is 50% off woohoo!  So I went and bought a bunch of stuff and realized that nothing was emerald colored lol.  HOWEVER! I did have a dress from before that is emerald colored with black lace overlaying it and so I am killing 2 birds with one stone!  Letting everyone know about the sale as well as showing off Kellie Iwish's amazing skills.  My photography skills do her no justice but I'm getting better I promise!  The shoes are of course, from Similar Italian Footwear and this is our newest release…the first open toed style Scilla.  Oh! The poses are from Olive Juice, the subscriber let me know there was a sale and I took friends.  We shut the place down, I think I bought half the store and the other 2 I went with each bought up everything in the shop.  It was craziness lol.  The things we do in SL, I swear…My brand spankin new Curio skin is so fun, I luv the glossy lippers.  Good times lol.  Can't wait to sift through everyone else's emerald looks!!


52 Weeks of Color Challenge : Indigo

by Vanity Mirror on January 21, 2011

Ok so its been a hectic week and i'm super late with this entry lol but! I did finish it days ago lol.  OK! So I did an inventory search for indigo and grabbed the first things I saw LOL totally wrong, I know but omg hecticnesssss.  The dress is from paper.doll, super sweet lil Zoey Gabardini made this super sexy little number and I actually really like the tone of indigo she came up with.  It's called Alexia in Indigo, and the shoes are from Similar Footwear, Roma in White Patent.  The other look is a one last time tribute of sorts lol, being that MYTH is closing at the end of this month [everything is on sale for 30L ladies & gents!!] I thought I'd take it on home with the MYTH High Rise Jean Skirt in Indigo, paired with !Ohmai's Basic Boyfriend Racerback in White.  The hair in both looks is Rina in Black from Artilleri, and the skin is from cStar.  Like a good little blogger, allow me to let you know about the poses as well lol.  They are from Pretzel Poses, part of the Superfriends pack that I just randomly tinkered with and used the poseballs I wanted to make up the picture lol.  Is Pretzel Poses still around? I have a few…I might be doing a search in a minute here!  Anyway, I was looking at other blogs and we are kickin butt!  So many awesome pictures and new places to check out.  Looking forward to weeks and colors to come!


MYTH 30L Closing Sale

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Sienna

by Vanity Mirror on January 12, 2011

In all actuality, I don't know if this qualifies as Sienna?  I saw it and thought it was cute, then also I was having a hard time finding anything Sienna and I'm really a sucker for a good deal so I got it and thought well…it's close!  There's no color description for it but I thought the jacket and tights were a close match lol.  This whole blog happened in a quite humorous way and allow me to tell you my journey!  I got a subscriber message stating that Riddle [which I didn't remember] was a part of Designer's Showcase [which I had never heard of].  It was a whole outfit, and the picture looked cute so I went.  Dude, it really was only 99L and in my opinion I thought it went well with the color sienna…although in hindsight, I might have photoshopped the picture too dark – my bad.  So, I went to try the outfit on and I ended up looking like this.  Felt like shopping some more so I went to YunA's to check out the new hair styles and never even did it.  I got all caught up in messing with her Glitterati hall outside the shop in the TP area that I randomly ended up taking some pictures there and viola…blog done!  Weird right? Such is my SL lol.  It was fun thought, and I definitely like this hallway and all of the fun poses it has inside of it.  Had a blast, once again!  What's next weeks color again? Bah!


52 Weeks of Color Challenge : Silver

by Vanity Mirror on January 3, 2011

Is it weird that I know I have a bunch of things in my inventory that are silver and still found myself at a loss?  I think my mind was lost on New Year's Day, hopefully I get that back soon because I kind of miss it!  I was skin digging today, trying out a new look and came up with the idea to do a skin set that I have had for awhile and only photographed once before but never blogged for some unknown reason.

Although I've never done it, I know that role play is huge in SL and when this skin first came out I had no idea what it was.  Everyone was raving about it, and I went to see it and well…chick was silver.  Dark silver and shiny-ish with elf ears.  I didn't get it and duh me, I sure didn't ask.  A few days later in the group chat, I found out what it is!  Elf RP has ages, and the older a female elf is the more silver her skin becomes.  Also, that she is called a Drow hence the name of the skin.  I find that totally fascinating, but it was only a weekend thing.  I had missed the sale and thought there was no other way to be able to get it so I was asking the group if I could photograph someone that had bought the set when the owner, Oceane was nice enough to let me have the skin.  She made the special Drow skin, eyes and ears and they are available for purchase at her shop.  In addition, she has release several other Drow skins with body tattoo's and facial embellishments for a certain pretty little accent that may be a bit different from a normal one and set you apart.  I don't wear it much but I'm sure glad I remembered I had it for this challenge.  I once again stayed away from writing my normal clothing blog and I had a good time with it!  I used a couple's pose by Glitterati and edited out the man part because I didn't need it but I liked the legs up in the air thang.  The hair is by YunA and yay this time I remembered to grab the white to match the eyebrows lol.

Oceane's Body Boutique