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by Vanity Mirror on January 16, 2015

-Glam Affair – Amberly II – Jamaica 01 F
IKON Deadshine Eyes – Quicksilver (Arid)
Clawtooth: Glamour Queen * @FaMESHed – Jan *
[PXL] OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0
Kyoot – Little Ache Lingerie 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small
=Zenith=Ring of Fury (Sliver) -L
Maitreya Leather Skinny Pants * M Black
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – High
RO –  GearJammer Heels – Cat Walk * @FaMESHed – Jan *
Soy. Knitted Pouf [marudesu] – black

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.freek’um dress.

by Vanity Mirror on August 26, 2015

freek'um dress

Yes. That title was Yonce Inspired. Dealllll. It's playing in my head lol idk why so there you have it. So, for the most part I love this dress. And also, I got lots of compliments on it. One being from a woman that said ooh, nice tight dress LOL. Thing is, I couldn't find any way to make my boobs look better in it. As I moved the sliders, obvs the dressed moved with the sliders but idk. I think my chest looks lost in the dress and that gave me a slight sad face. Maybe it's just me? Not sure but I didn't know how to make it better, there's no cleavage that I know of yet for Lara. Still, I wore it rocked it and enjoyed the ass stares. 

-Glam Affair – Amberly II – India tone – 
IKON Charm Eyes – Moor (M)
-Belleza- Eyeliner 5
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
:V.e. Jasmine Latex Dress MAITREYAFIT Nude * @On9 *
. [posetivity ]. Cleo6


~* Samahi Couture *~

by Vanity Mirror on June 1, 2009

Anjelyc Morales: Babe, come see this store i found!

Giovanni Dezno: Ok, tp me baby im at home
Anjelyc Morales: isnt it nice! i want everything in here its so pretty! i need somethin…
Giovanni Dezno: We need to get out of here before we're poor again..

Happening upon this fabulous shop was pure luck. When I stepped inside I was whisked away to a magical land I like to call "Ropa Heaven". Wall to wall, do you hear me when I say wall to wall??? WALL TO WALL AMAZING CLOTHES! I had the pleasure of speaking directly with Samahi and she is a new designer, only been out a couple of months. Let me tell you, every avi with any fashion sense at all should own at least 1 of her outfits (altho I personally hope to own them all) and rock it with pride. I have rarely come across someone so early in the process that has such attention to detail and knowledge of textures & fabrics. The colors she puts together with fabrics that compliment it soooo well is just unreal. I put on my first Samahi Couture dress and I didn't want to take it off! For the ladies such as myself that have some curves to them, these clothes hug those curves like a silk glove. You really can't go wrong, there' something here for everyone! Sophisticated outfits for the classy working ladies, Clubwear for my party gurls, Sexii sets for the chula's and Gorgeous gowns for any occasion. Many of the outfits come with alternative ways to wear them for a different look without too much hassle. Go formal with a gown and simply change your skirt to a mini to go to a club after! She really keeps it versatile and a great value for your Lindens.

If you have not been there yet, you NEED to go! I immediately got myself added to her group and stuck her in my picks. It is definitely worth the TP to check out Samahi Couture. I promise, you will find at least 5 things you want to own! Samahi will be looking to branch out in the future, hopefully coming out with a jewelry and accessories line. I personally look forward to that and will be hot on her tracks for another review at that time!

You can't tell me I don't look good in this…

Trust me…Samahi is going to SHINE!

Pic Info:
[Hair: Talita by Hair Solutions]
[Outfit: Fire Charms & Glamour Dress by Samahi Couture]
[Shoes: Elegance by DeeTaleZ]
[Photographer: Samahi Couture pics done by Samahi Alecto]


Must be the dress…

by Vanity Mirror on April 26, 2013

Must be the dress

I've been trying to be more sociable on occasion lately, spend time with my friends so they don't think I don't like hanging out with them.  I love it, my friends are hilarious and we always laugh and act a fool.  So, there's one club I go to on a semi regular basis because a friend DJ's there but no one really talks to me there unless they already know me lol.  Not everyone can handle this level of dorky, let me tell you what.  Last night, I got invited to a friend of a friend (aka new friend!)'s DJ set at a club called GOL. I've never been there, but it was interesting to be sure! I laughed so much, had a blast.  It's kind of awesome to crash out in bed after a couple hrs of smiles and giggles 😛

Must be the dress - HS

Are these eyes not fab? Oh, and that shadow up there on my dress was Oakley afk all up in my shot because she was on Plurk acting a FOOL LOL

Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica Clean D
IKON Ardent Eyes – Blossom (M)
Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
-LaViere- Gisele/JetBlack *Available @ Collabor88*
+Half-Deer+ Music Notes Tattoo (chest)
[b a v a] : stella in blue (S) *Available @ Collabor88*
Noodles – Moon of My Life Necklace
Noodles – My Sun & Stars Necklace


Crap! I need a dress…

by Vanity Mirror on December 27, 2011

It's almost New Year's Eve and there are parties abounding!  I really am thinking about going to one this year, so far in all my years on the grid I've never gone to one nor did I have any inclination to try.  Being that this holiday season is a lonesome one for me, maybe going out where the people are will help!  I can meet people, chat and sip many alcoholic beverages.  Hell, maybe I'll even find someone to kiss at midnight! *gasp* Well if any of that is going to happen, I've got to find something AHMAZING to wear don't I.


I texted Aeris so she could come with me, but she is as always…otherwise engaged.  I had to shop all alone!  This was the first problem, but trust me there are so many more to come.  I needed a second opinion, because when it comes to gowns UGH there is just so much pretty out there!  I didn't want anything too flashy, subtle sexy and classy is the route I'm trying to take.  Add to the fact that I'd have to think about hair and jewelry options while putting this whole look together, and yeah…I NEEDED MY BESTIE!

Not wanting to throw a fit in the middle of the store, I composed myself…smoothed out my new League dress that I got last weekend for FLF and went on about my business.  This little blue reindeer man was eyeballing me, I'm sure so I asked his opinion on some things.  This is what happens when Aeris has better things to do.  I need some new friends, but that is another blog altogether.  He wasn't a fan of the color on me or something, because he shot me a bored look and moseyed on.  Welp, that got veto'd!  On to the next section of the store…

Okay, well I had almost given up when I spotted this small group of women in my peripheral vision.  I waited for them to pass by and it was like angels came down and started singing.  Really, its that serious.  I was in awe of the gown in front of my face, and just knew it was THE dress that I need for NYE goodness.  Tight, long…showing off some cleavage but still classy and elegant.  Not to mention, the color shows off my skin tone to perfection.  YES.  THIS IS IT!


In photos:

My Shape
:GP: Acorn Sweetheart Skin
>TRUTH< Lanie
A:S:S – Fake lashes 04
L.Fauna Dimples
*League* Sequin Scoop Dress [FLF last week]
Otranto Shoes
*KRASH* Small Silver Combo bracelets
Sculpted Rosary Necklace v2 *KR*
-:Attituede:- Shopping Poses

Store I Pic Perved = PurpleMoon Creations


Naughty Claus

by Vanity Mirror on December 6, 2013

Naughty Claus

I decided to expand my horizons this year. Usually, I'd pull out the red Mrs. Claus dress, put on some shit kickin boots and call it a day! But, this year I thought I'd try a new look, something I wouldn't normally wear. Get in touch with a little sexy, so to speak 😛 E! Eclectic Apparel have this great dress out in a BUNCH of colors so after thinking about it for awhile I opted for black. Little Black Dress, classic sexy. IDK, I thought it was worth a shot. Lil matching hat comes with the dress and ummmm the thigh high boots, well…muahahahaaaa. I imagine this must be what Mrs. Claus is like after hours? Or perhaps if they had a daughter who was suddenly all grown up…

Al Vulo!- Polly*  natural claveage cacoa
.ID. Shine Eyes – Deep Gray

Al Vulo!- Leilani lipstilk vampire for cacoa
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan]
e! Santa Hat (Black) 
*Available @ FaMESHed – Dec*
[e] Listen – Black 04
e! Mrs Claus Dress (Black) S *Available @ FaMESHed – Dec*
*League* Double Stranded Soft Pearl Necklace
*BOOM* Dame Elbow Gloves (black leather) xsmall
*elymode* riding crop V2
Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Average Black


Dress me up in your love

by Vanity Mirror on August 9, 2016

NSFW. Photos contain pixel nudity. Please proceed with caution!

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Standin Pretty

by Vanity Mirror on May 1, 2013

Standin Pretty

PurpleMoon Creations has released this lovely mesh Maxi Dress in 15 different colors!  Here's the kicker, you purchase additional color HUD's to change up your look.  No more several sizes of each color in there 😀 inventory saver!  Not to mention, the dress is adorable and you will look oh, so pretty wearing it this summer.  Head on down and try out a demo!

Al Vulo!- Polly*  natural cacoa
.ID. Mirror Eyes/Gray
L.Fauna Lashes [Fluffy]
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan]
/Wasabi Pills/ Sylvie Mesh Hair – Night shadow
Burroughs / Victoria Earrings
:: PM :: Meadow Maxi Dress in Floral Orange – Size B – *New Release*
[ glow ] studio – silver2 thin bracelets 
[Fairy Tail] Ring @3
NSA – Whimsy

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Dorky Me

by Vanity Mirror on March 27, 2012

Walking down a tunnel, as we all do at some point during the day and pause next to what could possibly be the sexiest thing I see all day…besides myself, of course.

Ever have one of those days where you tell yourself its time to get sexy?  Time to shed the cutesy image you seem to have acquired and show that you too can be the "Hot" one.  Don't get me wrong, cute is way better than "Oh.  There you are.  So that's you huh…alright".  Ugh, how do you recover from that one lol.  I've been trying to up my sexy game from time to time, and the response I get from the general male population that I actually know is the dreaded cute.  I get that in RL too, but I'm not as worried about it there?  I embrace the cute word in RL because I can't change anything about myself as easily as I can change my avi lol.  So, cute works!

While I was contemplating my sex kitten look, and going in all the wrong directions might I add…I saw a Flickr post for a  new mesh dress from *BOOM*.  ANSWER. TO. MY.PRAYERS.  I'm sorry, but even if I don't get the "whoa! you're hot" reaction from anyone…I FEEL like I look hot in this dress.  Can I talk to y'all for a second about the ass on this dress.  LOVE.  Mesh usually flattens out the curves I have on my avi a bit and this dress…THIS DRESS omgah.  It accentuates the curves, highlights them and hugs them just right.  The tiny bump in the belly area? I mean really…Aranel Ah did the damn thing on this dress. 

So, dress check!  Shoes, check!  Hair, pls 😛 always check!  What could make this super sexy?  Oh.  Yep, I'll drape myself across this delicious mesh car and call it a day.


Savoir Faire Shapes ~ Jessica (mod'd)
al vulo!- sakia*  natural dark brow native
.ID. Shine Eyes – Deep Gray
>TRUTH< Lykie (Mesh) – espresso *MESH*
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan]
L.Fauna Lashes [Fluffy]
*BOOM* Hye Tube Dress (shang) -XS- *MESH*
Maitreya Gold – Allure Black
GEEZ Editorial Leaning – GZlean5
[NeurolaB Inc.] RSZ Car (Anthracite Version) *MESH*

Pics taken @ [NeurolaB Inc.] and Motion Auto Gallery


Rebel Hope @ FaMESHed

by Vanity Mirror on August 1, 2012

Rebel Hope - FaMESHed

So, its the first of the month and we all know what that means right?!  FaMESHed has opened once again with amazing new items for men and women to snatch up and roll around on.  Oh, did this get weird? hmmmm

Well, this amazing dress is from Rebel Hope and comes in a variety of colors!  Rebel Hope is known for beautiful mesh gowns and this dress is a great addition to all the women out there's inventory.  There is a lot to see this round, and I'm going to do my best to cover as much as I possibly can, so stay tuned for all that as well as other events going on that I'll be hopping around this month covering.  Stop on by the tent and see what all you can demo, snatch up and drag your man down there for! 😀

_League_ Jen Sunkiss Olive
.ID. Mirror Eyes/Gray
Rebel Hope – Breeze Dress S *FaMESHed Item*
FuLo – "Donna" Earring – Lime
NSA – No Strings Attached Pose

Photo taken @ Mayfair