by Vanity Mirror on December 17, 2014

Once you get into the Christmassy type spirit, it's easy to get lost in decorating your home and making everything super festive and jingly. Tree's up, stockings hung, child is touching stocking everyday in hopes it's filled with something for him to snag. Good times, so I thought I'd try and liven it up in SL as well. The Liaison Collaborative has a lot of really cute holiday decor stuff both in the regular sales area as well as the gacha area so I loaded the pic up with some stuff and viola. IDK, I like it. I haven't torn it down, that's a good sign I think.

Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug @Collabor88
+CONVAIR+ Nutcracker General white @TLC
+CONVAIR+  Nutcracker Soldier tall white @TLC

:CP: Lucille Set @FaMESHed Dec
includes: Corner sofa, Notes Tree, Pallet Coffee Table, Candle Tray, Striped Rug 
[DDD] Christmas Tree

tarte. winter slumber @FaMESHed Dec
includes: December Bed, Snowflake Pallet & twinkle trees {l&r}
tarte. joy marquee @TLC
Frogstar – Berry Snowman RARE @TLC Gacha
Frogstar – Hanging Holiday Sign (Memories) @TLC
Frogstar – Mason Jar Candles @TLC
Sway's [Valerie] Fireplace . shabby-medium @TLC
Sari-Sari – Firewood @TLC
Toro. Cold Coffee Break @TLC Gacha

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The map of my world gets smaller as I sit here

by Vanity Mirror on December 14, 2014

The world is huge, but sometimes it can seem so small. Lonely, like you're the only one around. You look down and realize life is going on without you and it's okay. They're okay…without you. And the bunny is the ruler of them all.

-Glam Affair – Amberly II – Jamaica 01 F *Available @ C88*
IKON Vanity Eyes – Glen (M)
.Olive. the Jayme Hair Uber *Available @ Uber*
.Olive. the Flower Field Crown – Pink *Available @ Uber*
Coquet. M Victoria – Rosemary *Available @ FaMESHed*
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small
-Dunc- Fleur Slate, SL Av Fitted *New Release*

+Half-Deer+ The Sheltering Leaf w/ Bench – Winter
Alouette – Paper Village Gacha *Available @ TLC on the 15th*
Plethora – Frosted Bunny Lamp *New for Lazy Sunday*
Studio Skye Enchanted Woods v2 – 3 (trees)
{what next} Snow Clump #1 (powdery)

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We found it right where we are

by Vanity Mirror on December 10, 2014

Clawtooth: Snow Bunny – Exquisite Reds *Available @ The Arcade*
[monso] My Leather Blouson – Black (guys/ size3) *Available @ The Men's Dept*
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small
[NV] Soley Shorts Grey M
erratic / eva – holiday socks / skulls (FLAT) *Available @ The Arcade*

Trompe Loeil – Holiday 2013 Tree Pink Snow – NS Lights
Minuet – Love Jars *Available @ Woodland Gacha*
ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Arctic Foxes *Available @ The Arcade*
tarte. recycled window cabin RARE *Available @ The Arcade*
tarte. barn arrow (natural) *Available @ The Arcade*
tarte. holiday tree (pink & white) RARE
tarte. crate seat (dark) *Available @ The Arcade*
Alouette – Monogrammed Keepsake Box – K & V *Available @ The Arcade*
Consignment – Dec 2013 Group Gift
+Half-Deer+ Mini Forest Cabin Scene (Winter)
+Half-Deer+ Mini Telephone Pole Scene (Winter)
*MishMish* Penguin Gacha – Skating
Pizza x Tarte. for Scram Co. – Sleepy Sled – Cozy Cabin RARE *Available @ The Arcade*
{what next} Winter Iced Over Pond  with icehole (Mesh)

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Stems for MSO

by Vanity Mirror on December 9, 2014

Every MSO round I'm in, I try to focus on a different body part and come up with some cool new poses to show em off. This round, I went with legs. You can show off stockings, legs, shoes, feet, feet jewelry, whatever. So much of possibilities, right? :P There's a demo stand to check them out and the set includes mirrors for only 75L for the duration of the round!

TP to My Slink Obsession

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Just Another Day

by Vanity Mirror on December 4, 2014

-Belleza- Eva Uber Med 1 Dk *Available @ Uber*
IKON Vanity Eyes – Glen (M)
little bones. Lush *Available @ FaMESHed – Dec*
*League* Yve Pencil Dress -Crimson S *Available @ Uber*
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – High
fri. – Opal.Heels (Coal) – Slink *Available @ Uber*
Magnifique Poses – Gone Shopping! (

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Speak to me

by Vanity Mirror on December 2, 2014

While trying some things on, I got a vision in my head of emerging from water dripping wet and beautiful. Granted, my PS skills don't really get me to that level of photo just yet but I'll work on that. Instead, I thought I'd find some colors to inspire me and that I did. They didn't get to the level of vibrance that I realllly wanted but I like it nonetheless. I should mention a few things though, so here we go. The hair comes with bobby pins on either side and a HUD to control them. I turned them off so that I could use the flower crown because I thought they went really well together. As we may all know, Belleza updated their mesh body a few weeks back and if you hadn't yet tried it idk…I think you should. I stare at my avi's ass in it a lot. JUST SAYIN. And Belleza has this new skin line out at Uber in both the Medium and Pale skin tones so might want to check out a demo of that as well. Uber is FANTASTICAL this round and I'm fighting my way in there later for some stuff :D

-Belleza- Venus V 0.02
-Belleza- Eva Uber Pale 4 R *Available @ Uber*
IKON Vanity Eyes – Glen (M)
.Olive. the Flower Field Crown – Pastel Multi *Available @ Uber*
.Olive. the Elisabeth Blue Hair {Bubbies} *Available @ Uber*
Vanity Poses – Packaging Pose&Prop

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And in that moment, peace

by Vanity Mirror on December 1, 2014

December is HERE. Can you even believe it? Really, it seems like Autumn just flew past us and it's almost a new year already. Christmas is mere weeks away and I've got to get my assi in gear again. I slacked so bad last month! I blame the turkey? So, The Challenge is up and running, as is FaMESHed. Arcade is also on and crackulatin as well as Uber. Honestly, my head doth spin. Gotta ask Santa for some L's to spread around! I thought I'd do a collective lil picture to get a few events in here but there's gonna be so many more. SOMANY. Can't be helped, really. It's insane, the amount of cute releases. Y'all really need to stop. :P

-Belleza- Eva Uber Med 7 Dk *Available @ Uber*
IKON Vanity Eyes – Glen (M)
.Olive. the Jayme Hair *Available @ Uber*
=Zenith=V neck sweater (Begie) S *Available @ FaMESHed – Dec*
.Identity.  - The Eye [Faded] Jacket
Ariskea [ Chic Chalet ] Silver Version-Paprika  Leaf *Available @ FaMESHed – Dec*
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant – Small
(CM) Studded Skirt (red) Medium
{Livalle} Evoke -Platform Boots- Caramel *Available @ Uber*

[ht:home] the book tree *New for The Challenge*
Kuro – Tree stump *Available @ TLC*

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Livalle @ 21 Shoe

by Vanity Mirror on November 21, 2014

Livalle, formerly L. Warwick has these two releases out for 21 shoe! As always, the shoes are on sale until midnight and then no mas :D they come equipped to be wearable with both Slink feet as well as the Belleza body feet. One pair is mid and the other high so if you don't have them allll you can possibly use one or the other! Demo, demo demo and see how you like them ♥

*Fishy Strawberry* Post-Industrial Skirt – M – Indigo Denim *Available @ FaMESHed – Nov*
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Mid
[Livalle] Elation -Platform Heels-  Berry Nice (Slink) *Available til Midnight!*

*Fishy Strawberry* Post-Industrial Skirt – M – Dirty Denim *Available @ FaMESHed – Nov*
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – High
[Livalle] Cordelia -Platform Heel Taupe (Slink) *Available til Midnight!*

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by Vanity Mirror on November 20, 2014

New Release for Thrift Shop! Mesh throne with 2 available textures as well as 2 couple poses within. All of my items are 50% off for the duration and I've put out a bunch of my prop sets :D as well as my last new release, a mesh table with 10 couple poses which is slightly NSFW. Sooooo enjoy! 

TP to Vanity Poses @ Thrift Shop

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by Vanity Mirror on November 19, 2014

When I was younger, I used to love to run out in the rain and snow. Strictly to play, of course and it was always a blast. The feeling of it drizzling on your face, hands whatever…it was just cool. When snow begins and it's all slow and delicate, lovely. I think my next goal will be something a bit saucier :P

Skin Smilla (Brows1) brown Mixedtype
little bones. Nightingale
=Zenith=Cutout Overside Sweater (Cream) M *Available @ FaMESHed – Nov*
=Zenith=Wood Fish Necklace (Black) *Available @ FaMESHed – Nov*
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual 
7mR Saint Rare
AE Pantyhose for SLINK Appliers Barely Sheer
fri. – Cutie.Wellies (Blush) *Available @ The Kawaii Project*
Olive Juice – Puddle Jumpers *
No longer available*​

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