Perfect end to a great day

by Vanity Mirror on September 17, 2014

On any day, it's always the best thing when you can lay yourself to rest completely content. Dare I say, even happy. Stroll along the beach, a couple crashes that were not the best timing, and a snazzy little shower to end the night. Being around those that make you smile, make you forget you weren't smiling all day until they arrived. Little things make all the difference ♥

This Belleza body, let me tell you what. It's great. I think I'm still tweaking my curves a bit, get em just how I like them but I do love how well they hold a nice, smooth curve. The HUD is amazing, I took all these photos and none of them came out which is a HUGE bummer. But I believe it'll be released soon so you all can playplayplay with the demos. There are Belleza presets of all their tones, as well as slots to add appliers once they begin to release. The hands/feet options. Guys, this is so huge for me…it's all on the HUD. You can switch feet height as well as each hand all via the HUD. OH, L. Warwick has some releases that are Belleza feet compatible, so check those out! There are also nail polish presets to play with on there and nipple options. The alpha area has endless splices to get (hopefully!) a good match for your mesh clothing as well. I just want to be naked, tbh. Naked all the time!

-Belleza- Emily Makeup 10 Br *Available @ The Arcade*
IKON Vanity Eyes – Glen (M)
TRUTH HAIR Amaris [LoveJugs 1] *New Release*
-Belleza- Venus *Coming Soon*
[Haste] Summer Hoodie – Red M *Available @ FaMESHed – Sept*
[Haste] Summer Hoodie – White Bra M *Available @ FaMESHed – Sept*
{mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (M) ~ Pinstripes
[L.Warwick] Flup-Flops (Belleza) Autumn
Vanity Poses – Brisk

Trompe Loeil – Classic Bathroom Collection *Available @ FaMESHed – Sept*


Solve the Equation

by Vanity Mirror on September 16, 2014

Do you know what's more confusing than science? People. Honestly, sometimes I have no idea how I function as a human being the way that I do. At times, there's so much bottled inside of one person it's a wonder how they concentrate on their everyday lives. So much of our brain is focused on love at times, and it's hard to find the way out of the cloudiness. Sometimes it's nice in there and you don't want to. That's the good love. But there's a flip side to everything, and consuming yourself with the what if's and why's about the past and the future is mind boggling. I'm not saying that's all the time but I think there are distinct times where it's just like AAAAAHHHH I want to think of ANYTHING else to stop thinking about you/him/her. Just rest, brain. We'll come back to that clusterfuck another time…

So, after all that rambling let me just say this absolutely cool outfit is available @ FaMESHed for women and there is also a super snazzy men's version at TMD. I tried to get a guy in my pic to show that version off, but to no avail. SORRY. You all can go check it out and demo it though, take super cute tandem school people pics lol. Also, lots of goodies at TLC's new round. Theme is Technologic and there's a lot of awesomeness to be found. So, check things out yeah? And have fun ♥

Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 07 D
TRUTH HAIR Grande Bangs [add attach]
bitch. – MESH Smoovies/Clear
[monso] My Preppy Sweater – Navy (girls/ size3) *Available @ FaMESHed – Sept*
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant – Small
[monso] My Preppy Skirt – Red (size3/ for sweater) *Available @ FaMESHed - Sept*
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Flat
fri. – Knee.Socks – Navy

Sari-Sari – Mrs. Bumpkin's Classroom *New Group Gift*
+Half-Deer+ Standing Whiteboard (Metal) tex. change
[Fetch] Vega Desk Set *Available @ TLC – Technologic*
Soy. Medical Machine [green] *Available @ TLC – Technologic*
Soy. Wall decor [Continuous hoses] typeB *Available @ TLC – Technologic*
ISON HOME – salvaged branch shelf RARE
Plethora – Planterbot – Doctor Cilantro *Available @ TLC – Technologic*
Plethora – Planterbot – Baylon Joyful *Available @ TLC – Technologic*
Plethora – Planterbot – Rosemary Maidbot *Available @ TLC – Technologic*
floorplan. book stack lamp / blue ombre
floorplan. notebook clutter (
former mingle gift/nla)
PILOT – Homework


Tenderness @ TTS

by Vanity Mirror on September 13, 2014

Yet another round of Depraved Nation's Thrift Shop is upon us and I've got a new couples pose out for you all. In all actuality, it can be used with either person on either side. I tried to show that in the ad, but lord if the re-rezzing going on was driving me bananas. I had to take the ad a few times just to get a good shot. But anyway, I hope some of you get it n try it out with the guy being a bit vulnerable. Also works for same sex couples, so try it out! Everything out is half off and as always I've got a little of everything I create. Poses with props, couples, static…you name it! All of them at least 50% off for the duration of Thrift Shop

TP to The Thrift Shop


Like This & Like That

by Vanity Mirror on September 12, 2014

I just can't keep on going
I'm falling in love with you
I need to know if you want me for sure.
We messed around for too long , I need a commitment
To make me feel I belong to someone… 

So if you'd like to …then this is your chance to 
I'm moving on without you, gotta find another lady
You say you want me…then you better show me 
Come on 'n get to know me!
And then you will find that I want you
And I feel the same…
We ought to…be sure I know by now
But if we can't prove our love
Like this and like that I'm gonna move along ♥

Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica Clean D
/Wasabi Pills/ Mandy Mesh Hair – Black coffee *Available @ FaMESHed – Sept*
.Identity.  - The Eye [Faded] Jacket
NYU – Jumpsuit Skirt, Black (Size 3) *Available @ FaMESHed – Sept*
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant – Small
.Identity. Broken Glass [Faded] Pants
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – High
fri. – Gloria.Heels (Coal) *Available @ Collabor88*
Pose by Myself
Taken @ Virtual Decay Sim


Only Human

by Vanity Mirror on September 5, 2014

Sometimes when you take a moment to enjoy the silence, your brain stops. You almost feel a bliss, knowing there's nothing going through your head at the moment and it's so peaceful. The worries of the life you're living, if you've got any don't weigh your mind down. The stress of trying to do better isn't making you mad, frustrated, hopeless. It feels like the best thing you could have ever done was take a moment, sit down, soak up some sun and breathe in the air…resolved to the fact that you can't work miracles. You're only human, after all and can't remake the world. What will be, will be…

Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica Clean D
Lamb. Pandora *Available @ C88*
Tee*fy Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank Chilli M
.Identity.  - The Eye [Faded] Jacket
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant – Small
[NV] Soley Shorts Medium Denim M
.Identity. Broken Glass [Faded] Pants
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Flat

[L.Warwick] Flup-Flops (Female) Autumn *Only 50L TODAY for FLF*
{what next} Waterfront Dock with ladders (animations)


Graphic Novel Chic

by Vanity Mirror on September 4, 2014

I think at one time or another, everyone has a dream or fantasy of becoming more than themselves. The ability to be slightly greater than human, no matter what the trait is extremely enticing. Be stronger, faster, more agile. A super hero could handle anything, couldn't they…without being crushed by the weight of the life they're living. Sometimes I want to be the savior. Not the one that needs saving…

Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica Clean D
.Olive. the Ocean Hair  - Noir *Available @ The Arcade*
.Identity.  - The Eye [Faded] Jacket
:::Sn@tch Pop Violence Bustier (Blue-Small):::
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant – Small
Noodles – Kara Leather Bracer Red
DRD female utility belt dark leather
-tb- Leather Leggings (M) – Black
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – High
[L.Warwick] Cordelia -Platform Heels V2- Noir
[ht:home] expressive rug – bang! *Available for The Challenge – Color*
[ht:home] expressive rug – pow! *Available for The Challenge – Color*
[Miseria] Guardian Pose


This is not a test

by Vanity Mirror on September 2, 2014

They told us it'd be okay. To stick together and everything would be alright. Now they're piled up in the fire outside. I think it got worse than they thought, it got worse fast too. We tried to find someone out there, no one answered the call. Caught up in a war zone and I'm the last one standing…

IKON Spectral Eyes – Glass (M)
TRUTH HAIR Rogue [messy] *Available @ Uber*
TRUTH HAIR Rogue Gas Mask [Black] [Steam]
[monso] My Jumpsuit – Blue (girls/ size3) *Available @ Uber*
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands 
Ama. : Greasy Tattoo Layer
[Deadwool] Patmos boots – black – (fem) – S *Available @ Uber*

(epia) – Terrain Bunker RARE *Available @ The Arcade*


Belleza Rares – Emily @ The Arcade

by Vanity Mirror on September 1, 2014

I don't know if you've heard or not, but IT'S THE FIRST. Not only is it the first, but it's an arcade day as well. There is sooo much to check out at Arcade. There are some seriously cute pics going on with the items from this round as well. Belleza has a new line out for this round, Emily. I did a bit of an eye and mouth tweak and I really like it. Makes me look sweet and innocent, no? :D These are the rares but no worries, I'm working some of the other make up choices in the line into some more posts!

-Belleza- Emily Makeup Rares 1 Bl, 2R & 3Br *Available @ The Arcade*
IKON Spectral Eyes – Glass (M)
*~*Damselfly*~*Antonia Rigged-Mesh *Available @ FaMESHed – Sept* 
:V.e. Sunday Tank M Rose *Available @ FaMESHed - Sept*
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant – Small
=Zenith=Ring of Fury (Sliver) -L
Vanity Poses – Gams, Face Gacha 


Early to rise

by Vanity Mirror on September 1, 2014

Another first has arrived. My initial plan was to wake early, spruce up, get a snazzy little look together and blog some things. Who knew I'd end up unable to sleep and decide to take a completely different photo. It's a pain isn't it, when your mind races so much you can't do a thing to quiet it down. Rather than dwell on that, I tossed around some new releases from the Challenge and as luck would have it I came upon this awesome ensemble for FaMESHed just as I was trying to visualize the pic. Early morning, still in robe…getting ready for the day. It's Monday, it's (super) early morning and it's time (almost lol) to face the day ♥ have fun today, enjoy all the events!

PS. I forgot to mention the Kuro frame is backwards. By the time I noticed I was already out of SL and all that. I'll get another pic of it the right way though, promise. Blame it on my scattered brain? But I kind of like it this way too, sue me :P

Lamb. Strangelove
:V.e. Sunday Vintage Robe Teal S *Available @ FaMESHed - Sept*
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant – Small
[MANDALA]UTAMARO bracelet/female/Sumi Black

tarte. studio skybox
PILOT – Window Shade [Fun Pack 1]
by PRIME – StyleWise No.5 Green *Available Now for The Challenge – Color*
*Shabby* Colorful Cactus *Available Now for The Challenge – Color*
sf suitcase planter – yellow -dark soil *Available Now for The Challenge – Color*
Kuro – Colored wall art *Available Now for The Challenge – Color*
Wimey: Shabby Chickie Vanity & Stool *Available Now for The Challenge – Color*
-tb- Vanity – Nail Polishes
-tb- Vanity – Platter of Treasures
=Mirage= Color Change Ashtray (Smoking) *Available Now for The Challenge – Color*
[L.Warwick] Cordelia -Platform Heels V2- Noir


…and I’m the scary water dragon

by Vanity Mirror on August 29, 2014

We all know that in the story books, every castle with a surrounding moat had a scary water dragon in it right? Welp, needed one. I can't create my awesome story without one can I? So I am said dragon, rawr rawr. But only until lunch. Then I'll leave and eat, someone else will have to breathe fire.

This super cute set can be collected and linked up to look like the perfect lil dollhouse for your lil or your lil ones :D the water is animated as well. Honestly, it's…very cool. Check it out at The Arcade, beginning the first as well as this snazzy Belle inspired hair that comes rigged and un-rigged for all you lil folks out there!

-Glam Affair – Brandi – Jamaica Pippy Style B
.Olive. the Beauty Hair – Carrot Tea [Non-Rigged] *Available @ The Arcade Gacha – Sept 1st*
(ToddleeDoo) – Body – KID – Girl 
Minuet – Fairy Tale Tee – Glitter – KID
Minuet – White – Belted Shorts – KID
Noodles – Libby Sandal Silver TD Kid
Vanity Poses – Lil Princess *Available @ Fit for a Princess – Sept 1st*

MudHoney Princess Playhouse *Very old hunt gift, NLA*
Collage – A True Princess – Pink
Alouette – Potted Daisies *50L today for FLF*
Plethora – Princess Tower Tissue Box (rare)
Alouette – Castle Dollhouse *Available @ The Arcade Gacha – Sept 1st*